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Our Products and Services

The aim of Attic Vac team:

  • Is to provide you with some to all our services that will assist you in improving your home / office / factory / building – to be the safe and healthy greener option. These services range from: ceiling vacuuming of possible contaminated dust  and / insulation – non-allergenic insulation – sola tube / skylights – dust proofing – attic storage.
  • We are prepared to travel all over New South Wales.
  • We consider no job to be to big or to small: If we can do it we will.  
  • Our services are available direct to the public and builders; contractors; community groups; etc.
  • We treat the properties that we work on as our own: which means we take due care and pride in our work and always remain honest with our clients as to what they will realistically can achieve.
  • We believe that: our quality of work our team’s achievements are something to be proud of
  • We take all feedback on board so as to grow and develop our business to a high standard

We can provide ceiling vacuuming:

Old Insulation Removal

Such as: Synthetic Mineral fibres (SMF; such as fibreglass, glass-wool, mineral wool, rock wool, cellulose fibres, ceramic fibbers) formaldehyde, foam, seaweed, paper loose fill, foil, paper sarking and much more.

Removal of carcasses and faeces:

Unfortunately all sorts of animal die up in the roof (cockroaches, cats, rats, mice, possums, snakes)… which may not bother you… But the smell will.

Extract dust

Extraction of toxic dust, lead dust, contaminated dust, dust mites and vermin, fibres of old insulation.

We can Supply OR Supply and Install:


Polyester has been proven for years in clothing and the toughest climates. Polyester Insulation will not deteriorate, settle, compress or shrink, and will reform reliably year after year, to keep you and your family comfortable.

Wool blend

Wool is one of the safest and longest lasting textiles available to man. The crimped fibres help create air pockets that act as a secondary insulator and its ability to absorb moisture makes it ideal. Wool insulation batts have been developed by the CSIRO with safe, organic treatments to resist insect attack and create a soft, clean, fire resistant product that satisfies the Australian Building Code AS1530.3. Combined with Polyester binder wool batts remain a quality long life insulator.


Polyester Batts are made from user friendly: It is NON-TOXIC + NOT ALLERGENIC + NON-IRRITANT: Polyester approved by the Australian Asthma Foundation, which is dust free and won't cause skin or other irritations. Installation is easy and no protective clothing or equipment is required. Polyester is fire resistant, passing all flammability tests complying with Australian Building Codes.

Attic vac prefers to use polyester and polyester blended with wool batts that are perfectly safe. Handling some other forms of insulations causes sneezing, lung congestion, itching and skin damage. There is a growing concern that some may be carcinogenic. Attic vac Insulation is safe, easy to install, environmentally friendly, and in the long term the economical choice.

"R" values:

Attic Vac Provides and installs Thermal Batts with a range of "R" Values: R1.5, R2.0, R2.5, R3.0, R3.5, R4.0, R4.5 and insulation batt that needs to be a particular specification are also possible Our Batts are available for walls, floors and ceilings. Their Performance is guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Acoustic / Sound proofing:

Attic Vac Provides a large range of products and it may be best to provide our office with more detail of what you are required to do or are wishing to achieve… eg. Reduce: aircraft noise / bathroom pipes / noise between wall and or floors / entertainment or cinema room / studio….

Foil Insulation:

Attic Vac Provides a large range of products and it may be best to provide our office detail of what you are required to do or are wishing to achieve: dust proofing / sarking – thermal insulation – sound proofing.

Sound proofing / dust proofing /attic storage / ventilation:

Attic Vac Provides a large range of products and it may be best to provide our office detail of what you are required to do or are wishing to achieve



In Relation to the Products and Services you are requesting, we can provide with appropriate references to witness on how performing and reliable our products and services are.

Okay, so why choose Attic Vac?


  • The work completed is by our team: who have been trained in the correct procedures
  • Established and owned by our family since 2000
  • We are a family run business (husband and wife running the show)
  • We are happy to provide references upon request (keeping in mind everyone’s right to privacy)
  • Certificate of Currency: Public Liability & Workers compensation available upon request.


I, Personally, would like to thank Jenny for All of her assistance - Nothing was too much for her & The boys were perfect gentlemen - Very well mannered. - M.Chorley

Fantastic, Very helpful & resourceful - nothing problem or issue. - Kate Juracich

Very satisfied with the service provided. - R.Price

Very Happy. Extremely helpful from the phone call to installation & being able to do job within 2 days of phoning. The installers were excellent, fun charcators - highly recommended. - Leanne North

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