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Thermal Insulation

Want A Cool Summer?

Reduce your internal house temperature by up to 7 degrees!

At Attic Vac we are the experts in Roof & Wall insulation.

In addition we were around before and intend to be around long after the clean up after the Federal rebate.

Why would we insulate our property?

  • To minimise: hot and cold temperatures
  • To minimise noise
  • Increase the comfort: protecting you from temperature extremes and external noise by keeping your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer and quieter all year – which means in-turn:
  • Cutting the forever increasing energy bills
  • saves natural resources as well as improving the quality of life you are living / working in.

Why would we choose Attic Vac's INSULATION IN THE CEILING?

For an existing home where there is no wall insulation: you will be able to prevent loss of up to 70% of the heat flow (remember hot air rises)

  • Batts placed between the joists allows the product to provide excellent thermal insulation
  • It can be installed by our trained staff or you can choose to D.I.Y. : as installation is very simple and safe (as long as you can follow a few simple instructions)
  • If any form of work is carried out in the roof space, the batts will not cause any irritation – and are easy to move and replace
  • To fulfil Council / Basix report requirements

Why choose Attic Vac's Wall Insulation?

  • Our products are easily installed during construction by placing them between the wall frames and secured by stapling if required
  • No gaps - bunching or doubling will ensure excellent and permanent insulation performance.
  • It can be installed by our trained staff or you can choose to D.I.Y. : as installation is very simple and safe
  • To fulfil Council / Basix report requirements

Why will it be Cooler in summer?

  • Insulation stops the summer heat from entering through your ceiling and walls keeping your home approximately 7 degrees cooler.
  • It prevents up to 70% of heat flowing in and allows your air-conditioning to operate more efficiently and in-turn more cost effective.
  • How will it be Warmer in winter?
  • Insulation allows a warmer, more cosy environment in those cold winter months, by up to 10 degrees.
  • Which may reduce your heating bills up to 66% (where both walls and ceilings are insulated).
  • Preventing heat loss, saves energy: which in-turn will help save our precious environment

What is "R" Rating System

  • The" R" value is the form of measurement applied, in which the material is targeted to "Resist" the flow of heat through it. Basically, the higher the "R" rating the greater the insulation properties.
  • All thermal insulation used in your home should have an R rating.
  • To fulfil Council / Basix report requirements
    The geographical location governs the "R" rating to suit your home / property.
  • We will be able to advise you as to what insulation performance is suitable
  • Attic Vac Provides and installs Thermal Batts with a range of "R" Values: R1.5, R2.0, R2.5, R3.0, R3.5, R4.0 and insulation batt that needs to be a particular specification is also possible

Why we use and recommend Polyester

PLEASE: Request a data sheet from our office – for the particular product you need

Okay, so why choose Attic Vac?


  • The work completed is by our team: who have been trained in the correct procedures
  • Established and owned by our family since 2000
  • We are a family run business (husband and wife running the show)
  • We are happy to provide references upon request (keeping in mind everyone's right to privacy)
  • Certificate of Currency: Public Liability & Workers compensation available upon request.
  • Bonded Asbestos Removal- 020453-B&S (removal & Supervision)


I, Personally, would like to thank Jenny for All of her assistance - Nothing was too much for her & The boys were perfect gentlemen - Very well mannered. - M.Chorley

Fantastic, Very helpful & resourceful - nothing problem or issue. - Kate Juracich

Very satisfied with the service provided. - R.Price

Very Happy. Extremely helpful from the phone call to installation & being able to do job within 2 days of phoning. The installers were excellent, fun charcators - highly recommended. - Leanne North

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